Dormitory Management

Our university accommodates approximately one third of the registered students in the dormitories on campus.  The dorms on South, North, Sarıtepe and Uçaksavar campuses provide accommodation in rooms or apartment units.  Students with disabilities are also accommodated in the dorms.  The dorms are managed and supervised in accordance with the Boğaziçi University Regulations Concerning Student Dormitories.

Online dormitory applications of incoming students begin immediately after the university receives the results of the Placement Test administered by the OSYM, and ends at the end of the registration period.  Detailed information on the physical features of the dorms, application dates and requirements can be obtained from the Dormitory Management.


Contact information

Tel.: 0 (212) 359 4544 /4518
Office:  North Campus, 4th North Dorm, Ground floor